Agro Mach Expo

AGROMACH Africa 2025 – An AAE concurrent event which will offer a unified platform unlike any other event to promote the opportunities of business development in the Agriculture Mechanization Sector of Africa. This event will highlight the future advancements in farm mechanization, boosting farm productivity in Africa through the sustainable use of machines and equipments.

Agriculture is Africa's largest industry, contributing more than 35% to its total GDP. Yet a traditional, manual approach to agriculture has kept yields below full capacity. Limited adoption of technologies is one of the factors. It is now the urgent need of the time to prioritize mechanization along the entire agriculture value chain to increase productivity and profitability. Empirical evidence confirms that adapting to agricultural mechanization and technological development is directly proportional to agricultural productivity and efficiency.

This event will bring together African & global agriculture technology and mechanization professionals to explore the market, introduce their brands, make new connections and create long-term partnerships. This show will also set up dynamic relationships between the governments, private businesses & international investors to achieve the results quickly, effectively & successfully.

Some Important Facts:

The government of various African countries has been strenuously working on agriculture policies favouring international investment and participation. Over the years, considerable efforts have been put into devising policies and suggestions that would increase farm mechanization, productivity and global competitiveness of African agriculture.

The Africa Agricultural Machinery Market size is estimated at USD 2.27 billion in 2024, and is expected to reach USD 3.09 billion by 2029.

The increasing trend toward sustainable mechanization, the growth of medium-sized farms, and the adoption of innovative technologies drive the market in the African region.

The expansion of agricultural productivity through increased investment into the segment for farm mechanization by the government has increased the adoption of autonomous agricultural machinery.

Tractors have dominated the agricultural machinery market in Africa.

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Tractor Spare Parts

Agricultural Tyres And Rims

Agricultural Machinery Spare Parts

Agriculture Equipments

AgTech Solutions

Harvesting Machinery

Threshing Machinery

Fertilizing Machinery

Seeding Machinery






Agriculture Technologies

Processing Technologies


Gear Industry

Tractor Cabins

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