Focused Business Session
Establish your channel partners in African Agriculture Sector


African Agriculture Sector & Opportunities For International Companies

The Agricultural industry in Africa is witnessing an unprecedented development with the region having over 50% of the world's fertile and untapped land. According to the reports, the overall African agribusiness could be worth $1 trillion by 2030.

However, to tap the agriculture potential of this historic continent – Africa desirously needs Service Providers, Agri Machinery & Equipment Companies, Ag-Tech Companies, Green House solution providers, Irrigation Systems & Storage Solutions, Seeds, Fertilizers & Chemicals – a vast majority of which need to be imported.

The Government in many African countries have been prioritizing the development of agriculture and the promotion of agricultural products, they are implementing Action Plans, Policies and Schemes to foster the growth of Agriculture expeditiously.

Therefore, this creates exceptional and profuse business opportunities for international Agri-companies who could provide great quality and cost-effective products and solutions to the market. The key is to find the right channel partner in the region.

With over a decade of experience in Africa`s Agriculture Sector, we have a huge network of African Agri businesses, dealers & distributors who are actively looking to form new partnerships with international companies and work with them as regional distributors, taking business to the next level.

Current Challenge & Our Solution

As the global travel restrictions continue, the major challenge for companies to network and grow business by meeting people in person has become further difficult. However, the companies who will do better than their competitors during this phase are the ones who will find new & innovative ways to promote their brand, network with people, and find new business partners.

TAB group is committed to provide you solutions that will help strengthen your business during this phase. One of these is "Focused Business Sessions - FBS", which is a unique business development concept where we help you connect & meet with potential dealers / distributors within your target countries across the world with special expertise in African Agriculture sector.

What Happens At Focused Business Session - FBS

During each Focused Business Session, your company is presented with 25 to 100+ carefully chosen potential distributors from within your target country(s). Your company gives a presentation about its product / service and shares all the relevant information with these attendees. The interested parties for distributorship are identified and shared with the company, which then follows up with them to finalize their partner(s) for each country.

With Focused Business Sessions, you have the unique opportunity to: -

  • Promote your Products/Services to the relevant Target Group
  • Network and Connect with new Potential Business Partners
  • Expose your Brand and Increase its Value
  • Generate Leads for Business Growth
  • Stay a Step Ahead of your Competitors amid the pandemic

Make Your Focussed Business Sesssion Successful –

1. Set A Clear Event Objective – Decide on your objective & goal. Know what you exactly want to achieve and use it to inform every decision you make.

2. Define Your Audience – Know who you would like to target. Identify the market and share an actionable target strategy.

3. Choose A Correct Time - Understand & know when will your target market be available and most interactive.

4. Content is the King - Make your presentations & topics extremely engaging and interactive. Let your audience stay with you from beginning to the end.