Unleashing the Potential of African Agribusiness: Connect with Global Stakeholders at the 8th Africa Agri Expo in 2025.

With population exceeding and Africa's pressure to multiply its resources to feed all, African policymakers have realised the vitality of strengthening the industry and revamping it with latest technologies and solutions. AAE 2025 is creating an excellent space for you to come together with agri stakeholders and decision makers and join the biggest networking and knowledge sharing opportunity.

The parallel conference program will cover a wide range of topics including innovative farming techniques, data-driven agriculture, best practices for sustainable agriculture, financing and investment opportunities, etc. over the two dynamic days of AAE 2025. Join us at Africa's Leading Exhibition and be a part of shaping the future of Agriculture in Africa.

Are you looking for your next big business opportunity? Look no further than Africa's agribusiness industry! Here's why:

Here are some facts explaining why Africa agribusiness is a must-tap:

Wondering Why Kenya Should Be Your Next Market?

  • Kenya holds a lot of potential in agribusiness. The country's Vision 2030 aspirations are closely aligned with the United Nations' SDG ambitions, and food security is part of the current government's "Big Four" agenda and there was no best place to hold the event once again in the region.

From identifying prospects to expanding your business in Africa's booming economy - Africa Agri Expo 2025 in Kenya should be your next aim.

Favourable Weather Conditions: Kenya has diverse agro-ecological zones that support the cultivation of a variety of crops such as tea.
Huge Market Access: Kenya's strategic location in East Africa provides investors with access to a large and growing regional market.
Strategic Government: Kenya Vision 2030 aims high to build a strategic framework for agribusiness in the region as well as supporting global agriculture players coming to the region.
Technologically Driven: GPS, drones, agriculture robots, sensors and artificial intelligence are paving the way for a better agriculture future in the region.