8th Africa Agri Expo AAE2025- Nairobi, Kenya

Come experience the most established event dedicated to the African Agribusiness Market with the goal of integrating its agribusiness with the rest of the globe.

Brand Visibility

AAE - Kenya is an ideal spot to showcase your strength in terms of the latest technologies and brands as it provides a space wherein you can exhibit your expertise in the industry to people who matter the most to you. Sponsoring this event not only gives you brand recognition but also helps you outstand your competitors.

Effective Lead Generation

As the demand for agricultural mechanisation, irrigation and ag-tech in the region grows exponentially - governments, agriculture companies & farmers are actively looking at world-class, cost-effective solutions that could help improve their efficiency. As a key Sponsor at AAE 2025, you will meet them, generate targeted leads & close new businesses.

Consumer Perception

Customers form positive opinions when your business is tied to industry-focused events and look at your business as reliable and reputable when you sponsor an event that benefits the overall industry. In addition to that, your highly targeted audience network with you which results in effective lead generation.


AAE 2025 offers an unmissable opportunity for sponsoring companies to network with the government officials, policymakers, business leaders, industry think tanks, suppliers and buyers to share ideas, expertise and discuss important industry issues. Exhibiting at AAE will help you win a factor of trust for yourself.

Customer Connection

Your best customers are going to be at AAE 2025. Take this opportunity to keep in touch, demonstrate and launch new products or services. Moreover, attendees will look at your latest technologies and solutions on display which creates exceptional chances for signing up new business deals and gaining customers in the region.

Content Strategy

As a key sponsor, you get fresh material to expand your content strategy. The event gets a lot of engagement that you can use to create content themes or promote your own hashtags, find relevant audiences to target and highlight your involvement as a sponsor. To add to that, you learn something so vital that helps you later redefine your strategically structured content.

Gauge Market Reaction

AAE 2025 is the ideal place to generate real-time market feedback on new or existing products & services. You sponsor the event wherein others who are either your peers from the industry, stakeholders or your targeted audience get to know you under that supreme title and look forward to your experience and expertise in the industry through your brands.

New Business Opportunities

AAE 2025 assists you to explore new business opportunities in the region. You get to have a first-hand look at the new projects & tenders to be issued in the region - creating exceptional business opportunities for you to proliferate in the sector further. Sponsoring at AAE-Kenya will facilitate identifying best business possibilities for your company to grow.

Stand Out

AAE2025 is a one-of-a-kind platform for establishing brand authority and being a market leader. Make sure you bring that very expertise that the market needs and see your brand stand out from the crowd well in advance. People will be looking forward to meeting you and networking with you.